Amplifiers and nodes

Amplifiers and nodes

LICA CZECH offers amplifiers, nodes and its accessories which can be used in cable networks to transmit signals in the downstreams and upstreams.

We mainly offer amplifiers made by Teleste. We can also deliver active components for HFC networks from Cisco or Comtech.

Teleste offers amplifiers and nodes divided into two groups. First of them is called CX and it offers only basic functions. The second group contains intelligent AC / ACE product line which supports automatic level control, automatic blocking of interference in the upstream and monitoring of many functions and values. For communication with these amplifiers it is possible to use standard HMS or DOCSIS.

Below you can find links to amplifiers from Teleste:

Teleste amplifiers - CXE product lineTeleste amplifiers -AC product lineTeleste amplifiers - ACE product line

For more information about amplifiers and nodes please visit TelesteCisco and Comtech websites.

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