NAGRA GO Live delivers a proven, secure, cost-effective and fast to deploy OTT solution for broadcasters, pay-TV operators and content owners that want to create a D2C offering with feature rich applications and broad device reach.


  •  A simplified solution for mobile devices and Internet streaming devices connected to a TV
  • Support for Airplay, Google Cast, Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku for the big screen
  • Support for browsers
  • Award-winning, clean and user-friendly interface with a unified experience
  • Live TV, catch-up, start-over, pause live TV, VOD and download-to-go
  • Customizable user interface to fit your branding
  • Multi-DRM support for secure streaming of premium content
  • Pre-integrated encoding & streaming partners
  • Backend with multi-tenant cloud configuration with option for on premises caching
  • Fast channel zapping
  • Switch-on/switch-off end-user device management
  • Monitoring system with app analytics
  • Ability to send push notifications to end users
  • Native language and subtitling support
  • Personalized channel listings & EPG
  • Preview and thumbnail images

GO Live is pre-integrated with selected first-class partners to enable the delivery of a true turn-key solution. Pre-integration delivers optimized integration costs, ease of operations and ability to scale quickly.

With GO Live the pricing-model is defined so that you maximize your investment early on. Start small and build as your business grows. With low up-front costs, you choose the number of connected devices per-household, device support and the number of channels that you make available. The ultimate in flexibility to define consumer content packages to increase consumer engagement and the return on your investment. Monitoring & analytics will allow you to further enhance the system for a more personalized service.

Using the multi-DRM feature of the Contego unified security solution you reduce backend complexity by combining all devices into one unified security scheme. This simplifies DRM management while increasing the overall viewer usability (no plugins, all devices, offline access) and security of the solution. GO Live can be deployed using an existing Contego or provide multi-DRM only from Contego in AWS.

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