Teleste Optimo

Teleste Optimo is an 1RU device which offers high density of transcoded streams for providers of CATV, IPTV and OTT services.

Optimo provides compact solution for video multiscreen and for internet and mobile video streaming. Teleste Optimo also offers advanced functions for video processing. It transcodes from any input resolution and keeps the ratio of video quality/bitrate. One input stream can be transcoded to more output streams with different resolution and different bitrate.

Teleste Optimo transcodes any video resolution and audio codec. Adaptive streaming is a guarantee that the viewers will receive excellent screen quality even if some sudden changes in network throughput occur.

Optimo has the best transcoding architecture due to use of transcoding platform which combines the best from HW and SW transcoding.

In terms of hardware, it is:

  • stream density
  • video quality
  • computing power

In terms of software, it is:

  • new formats
  • multiscreen formats
  • adaptive streaming

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