Comprimato - Live transcoder

Comprimato Live Transcoder is high-performance encoder and transcoder software built explicitly for live streaming. It is designated for broadcasters and content distributors to match the low latency and high-quality  requirements. Live transcoder enables end-to-end live video production from contribution encoding up to final distribution transcoding. It is available as a flexible software license and high-density server appliance. Live transcoder has been developed to help maximize revenue from content distribution by providing high-quality, cost-effective video processing.

Encode live video using H.264 or JPEG2000 TR-01 codecs and transport
the video to the studio or directly to the cloud. Avoid packet loss, reduce latency, and deliver high-quality video.

Produce a high-quality video for live IPTV and OTT distribution. Create adaptive bitrate channels from IP inputs or directly from SDI sources.

Comprimato Live Transcoder is GPU accelerated high-density software. It is available as a software license or 1RU server appliance.

ABR transcoding
Instantly adapt live video content to the resolution, quality and codec needs of  current and future devices.

High bitrate formats
Native support for high bitrate broadcasting contribution formats including JPEG2000, H.264 or HEVC.

Image processing
Resizing, Change of sampling factor, Bit depth conversion, Interlacing/Deinterlacing, Framerate reduction, Color adjustments and others.

Low latency
End-to-end live video delivery with guaranteed latency cap of 700 ms.

Easy deployment
Software only solution simplifies deployment; no need for specialized support; maximum flexibility and portability.

Simple scalability
Extend the number of streams, resolution or frame rate simply by adding  additional CPUs or GPUs.

Investment protection
Fully leverages existing IT and IP infrastructure.

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