Amino Kamai 7X

The newest high performance, 4K UHD TV device Kamai 7X, optimized for cost effective delivery of IPTV/OTT services. Optimized to deliver digital video broadcast and streaming media services, delivering the highest possible resolution while reducing required bandwidth and associated costs.

Characteristics of Amino Kamai 7X:

  •         support of H.265 (HEVC), MPEG-4 a MPEG-2,
  •         resolution up to 4K (2160p),
  •         7K DMIPS, dual-core ARM-v8 CPU,
  •         1GB or 2GB DRAM,
  •         HDMI 2.0
  •         operating system Linux
  •         support of Enable software stack.

Amino Kamai 7X package includes:

        Amino Kamai 7X STB,
        EU power supply,
        HDMI cable,
        remote control.

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