Luminato 4X4

Luminato 4X4 is built on the renown Teleste Luminato heritage and it supports all prevailing Luminato modules. Over the years, Teleste Luminato has proven to be one of the most reliable headend platforms and now it has been upgraded to exceed the future needs.

Teleste Luminato 4X4 represents our commitment to provide the best-of-breed in video headends for operators today as well as during and after the big step to distributed access networks. With its powerful and “ultra” dense edge QAM, the platform allows operators to freely scale up their video services when the need for channels like 4K increase. All the familiar Luminato features and modules are there and, in addition, we have equipped the platform with technologies that guarantee powerful and uninterrupted delivery of services when both networks and customer demands change and rise to new levels.

Deliver broadcast video over traditional and distributed access networks

  • Parallel QAM, IP, and Remote PHY output interfaces ensure optimal video delivery today as well as in future
  • Video engine conversion guarantee a smooth shift to distributed access architecture

Benefit from the latest, superior headend technology

  • Freely selectable range of digital inputs (IP, ASI, DVB-C/S/S2/S2X/T/T2, ISDB-T, and Annex B) and outputs (IP, ASI, DVB-C, COFDM, ISDB-T, and Annex B)
  • Powerful Edge QAM for broadcast video over traditional networks with 144 QAMs per 1U chassis - six times higher QAM capacity compared to the traditional Teleste Luminato platform
  • Line-speed multiplexing and scrambling with 40 Gb throughput
  • Up to 60% lower power consumption

Go the extra mile for uninterrupted services

  • High redundancy with two integrated PSUs and several 10 GbE interfaces
  • Several redundancy configurations
  • All modules, including power supplies, are hot swappable
  • Intuitive and customer-valued easy-to-use user interface


  • 44 Gbps throughput
  • 144 QAMs in 1U
  • Parallel QAM, IP and Remote PHY output interfaces
  • Backwards compatible with legacy Luminato modules
  • Wire-speed scrambling and multiplexing
  • Optional Video Core functionality
  • Supports over 30 CA systems
  • Several redundancy and back-up functions

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Teleste Luminato 4X4 is ultra-dense edge QAM with 168 QAMs from Teleste Corporation on Vimeo.

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