Digital Content Manager

The Synamedia® Digital Content Manager (DCM) represents a new generation of virtualized and software-centric video processing, providing advanced video, audio, and metadata processing for live multiformat video delivery. It enables broadcasters, content providers, and service providers to deliver best-in-class viewing experiences while meeting their service requirements for premium picture quality, bandwidth efficiency, and multiscreen transcoding.

The DCM is the modular software architecture running on common compute node as DCM or on optimized hardware as DCM appliance (D9902). The DCM is a platform that virtualizes the entire video headend, offering the well-known feature richness, picture quality, stability, and reliability of the widely deployed DCM D9902 hardware platform.

Features and Benefits
Synamedia DCM offers exceptional video services for linear pay TV broadcast and live streaming. It provides:

Platform Flexibility
Video processing functions such as live transcoding to multiple bit rates and formats can be flexibly implemented dedicated hardware, fully optimized to run on Synamedia Compute Nodes, as well as a virtualized application.

Broad Feature Set
The DCM offers several broad features and functions of the DCM platform, including support for:
•  Multicodec and multiscreen adaptive bit rate transcoding
•  Multicodec and multiscreen adaptive bit rate encoding using Uncompressed over IP interfaces
•  Ultra-HD HEVC transcoding and Encoding including High Dynamic Range (HDR) support
•  Statistical multiplexing

• Optimized bit-rate for ABR via Synamedia’s Smart Rate Control that is based on Synamedia’s patented “Stream Video Quality” objective measure technology
• Intelligent remultiplexing
• Content protection
• Integrated Low-Delay PUSH Packaging
• Advanced and hierarchical redundancy including Hitless Merge, Transport stream backup and Service level backup

Scalable Video Functions
Video functions in the DCM can be independently instantiated and elastically scaled, enabling cost- and resource-efficient growth and contributing to reduced-overall TCO.

Superior Picture Quality
The DCM offers best-in-class video quality, optimized for your bandwidth requirements.

Simplified Operation
An intuitive user interface simplifies the configuration and operation of the DCM. Common management across Virtual and Appliance DCM platforms further simplifies ongoing video headend operations.

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